As our number one priority is your progress and learning, we apply a mixture of teaching methods, approaches and techniques in the lessons to be able to best meet your needs in learning English and our key ingredients are:
Fun, creative and interactive lessons: you will do a wide range of activities in the lesson to keep you engaged such as drawing, listening to music, role-playing, discussions, presentations, project work, etc.
Stimulating materials: your teacher will give you plenty of supplementary material apart from the coursebook tasks to keep you interested
Consistent feedback, evaluation of your work and error correction: to show you the way to achieve, even more, your teacher will give you feedback on your performance on a regular basis
Variety of interaction patterns: individual, pair, and group work activities: to give you a chance to make new friends, interact with your classmates and teacher and use what you have learned
Balance of focusing on different skills: you will have the opportunity to work on Different skills within a lesson: reading, writing, speaking and listening as well as pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary

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